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Top Employers in each Industry & City


We’re Profiling & Covering the Top Employers in each Industry & City. Scroll to learn about adding your company & the available options.
EmployerBio is a Network of Employer Publications focused on profiling Incredible Employers in each City & Industry. We cover employers through a series of editorial features to give applicants all the information they need to make the best career choice.


Employer Branding Focused

We make the Recruiting Process easier for Employers & Applicants by reducing the mass amounts of job listings and focusing instead on quality Employer Content such as Employer Profiles, Career Profiles, Employee Success Stories, Diversity Hiring, Training Programs, Benefits, Philanthropy & the Community.
Employers will save time & money while gaining higher quality exposure for their Employer Brands.

Employer Focus

Applicants Should Focus on Great Companies.
Applicants who are focused long-term on building a great career should invest their time in a high quality employer who will be a true partner. So, we profile only the best employers.

Employer Research

High-End Applicants Want Complete Information.
On our platform, you can provide applicants with all the information they need to show them why you are a great place to build a career & life.

Employer Branding

Enterprise Level Design.
Every element of your recruiting campaigns should feature employer branding that is as beautiful as your product branding.  Our team can build anything you can dream.

Product Recruiting

Great Customers Might Be Great Employees.
Hire the people who have a passion for your products and say, “I want to work with the people who make this!” We offer Product & Brand Features for this purpose.

All Content Options

We offer a complete menu of Employer Branding Options including all types of Employer Content with Enterprise Level Design for each.

Employer Bio

Get a complimentary BASIC Profile or Upgrade to our Employer Showrooms for the ultimate exposure.

Employer Posts

Post content that showcases the reasons why your company is an excellent place to build a career.

Career Profiles

Showcase your most popular career paths with a dedicated profile & sponsorship of the category.


Sponsor a category or the front page of any site for incredibly low prices that will fit any budget.

What We Don’t Have

In order to offer a high quality experience for both employers & applicants, we cut out anything that’s low quality or that interferes with the recruiting process.

No Fake Job Listings

We don’t allow Fake & Duplicate Job Listings that serve to fish for applicants. This wastes the time of applicants & diverts them away from legitimate careers.

No Banners & Pop-Ups

We don’t allow Banners, Pop-Ups & Text Ads which clutter sites with irrelevant messages & divert applicant focus from the employer.

No Low Quality Employers

We don’t allow low quality employers or content. You’ve worked hard to build your employer brand. You deserve to be surrounded by the best.

No Resume Database

We only link directly to official employer sites so applicants apply directly with employers. We do not collect resumes or information from applicants. 

Add Your Company Top Employers

Our Editorial Team invites the Top Employers in each City & Industry to be a part of our Employer Network of Publications. Once approved, you’ll get a complimentary Employer Profile & be able to participate in our Editorial Features.

If you’re one of the top Employers in your industry or city, our editors would love to hear from you. Once approved, our editorial staff will work with you to add a complimentary Employer Profile.

And as always with us, this is all editorial. So, it is no charge because we never charge for editorial. But, we do have reasonably priced upgrade options for those companies who want to have the highest exposure on our network.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I add my company?

Click here to contact us. Our editors will review your company to see if we are a great fit. If so, we’ll work with you to add your employer profile. And, it is editorial. So, it is no charge.

How much does it cost?

Our Editorial Profiles & Employer Coverage are no charge with no advertising requirement. All approved companies may upgrade to one of our sponsor packages to get more profile options, regularly featured posts, sponsorship & other amenities. But, upgrading is not required in order to keep your complimentary profile. Visit our main network site for current pricing.

Is upgrading required?

No! Your profile is editorial. And, publications should never charge for editorial. But, we have priced the sponsor upgrades so they fit into any size company budget. And, there are only 16 sponsor slots per front page & category. So, if you want one, it is best to get one as soon as possible.

What are your criteria?

We’re looking for the best employers in each city, state & industry. We want to see quality in every detail of your recruiting campaigns, branding, business, products, services, locations, web site & social media presence.

If not approved, can I upgrade anyway?

No company can buy their way onto the network. Every company must meet our standards.

Why should I upgrade?

Get the absolute best coverage on our network for as little as $16 per month. Where else can you get the highest quality design & prestigious sponsor placement for such a small investment. And, we give you monthly features so you have an active presence which is so incredibly important online. Applicants regularly seeing new information from an employer brand has always been a cornerstone of any good recruitment marketing plan.

Can I be on more than one site?

Absolutely. As long as your company fits with the topic of the site, our editors will be glad to consider you for editorial coverage on that site. See the complete list of our sites.

Where are you based?

We are proudly owned & operated in North Carolina, where our Founder was born & raised.

What other networks do you own?

We’ve been developing web publications  since 1997. Our investors and developers are the founders of over 1,000 other sites and networks including AutomotiveMVP, AerospaceMVP, BusinessMVP, CareerMVP, FashionMVP, HomeMVP, HospitalityMVP, HVACNews, InteriorDesignVIP, 32Executives, AdRecruiter, CareerHospital and hundreds others. 

What are your credentials?

Our Founder, Chris Sparks, has his BSBA in Marketing & MBA from the Bryan School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. And, he has 30+ years in business, 25+ years in HR/Recruiting & 20+ years in online business working with thousands of the top brands in the world. Since 1997, he has developed thousands of web publications & projects. And, he still owns & manages over 1,000 online publications, most of which are 15 – 20 years old.

Do you work with HR Software & Tech Companies?

Absolutely! We actually prefer to distribute through HR Software & Job Listings Distribution platforms. Feel free to contact us

Do you work with Ad Agencies & PR Firms?

Absolutely! Since we started in 1997, agencies have been a cornerstone of our business. And, we have always paid a much higher commission than the industry standard. You’ve already done the business development. Why shouldn’t you get paid at a level deserving of your work? Contact us

Do you offer Ad Agency or PR Services?

No. That is a complete conflict of interest for any publication to offer Ad Agency or PR Firm services. But, we are always glad to refer the companies we know to our favorite Ad Agencies & PR Firms.  

Do you build web sites for brands?

No. But, we will be glad to refer you to a respected agency who does.  Our design team is exclusively committed to providing our sponsor brands with the best designs on our networks. And, we believe that all brands big & small should have a dedicated team who specializes in web design & online marketing. And that team should have marketing, design & technology credentials & a portfolio worthy of your brand.

Ready to start? Need info?

Contact our team.